Skud's News

07/09/2006    I am now in the process of redesigning the site. :) I estimate around 1 month for the work

     NEW!!!!   in progress

11-13-2003   The move to a faster server is going slow. I am working on the Pics and Message boards.

                       I have no ETA at this time. If you are having problems with e-mail. make sure your user

                        name is set your your e-mail address.

01-14-2003    I am in the process of changing the web site around, including adding the Earth and beyond

                        Blade Runners Web Page. This will take me some time to complete and will be a continue

                        update process.

07-12-2002  Because of some of the message that have been posted, I have a new disclamer

                     on the message board. Some of the things said are to serious of manture to be

                     posted on my site.

05-16-2002   Nascar Silicon Motor Speedway(r) racers, please goto the message board and

                      register. I have an area. Please use the first letter of your first name and then your

                      last name for your user name.

01-21-2002    The message board is now up.

01-20-2002    I have decided to purchase the UBB Message board for the web site. I would like

                        to say thank you to Dan Snow who was the only person to contribute for the

                        message board. My goal  is to have it up today Monday the 22nd.